How to survive as a Mother of 5 – María Menéndez, Con M de Madre – Ep5

Merry Christmas! Here is Episode 5 of Oh Mother Where Art Thou!

The Barcelona based podcast about life as a parent, what we do for fun and where to go for help!

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Maria Menéndez, Con M de Madre

MariaLogoimageMaria Menéndez, also known as motherhood blogger ‘Con M de Madre’, is 33 years old and is a mother of 5 children under 8. She is from Madrid, married to a Catalan and lives here in Sant Cugat near Barcelona.

Maria started blogging about motherhood in 2011 when she had her second child. Her 5 children are 8, 7, 5 and 2 years and she also has a brand new baby.

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What we talk about:FireShot Capture 3 - Conmdemadre on Instagram_ “_OUTNUMB_ - https___www.instagram.com_p_BrLecYclT0M_

  • The practicalities of a large family
  • What a normal day looks like with 5 children
  • Being a mum, the emotions and fears
  • Social part of motherhood
  • Christmas and Kings Day traditions
  • Her pregnancies and births
  • Natural contraception
  • Maria’s experience blogging
  • Using our phones too much
  • Questions from real local mums about being a mum of 5
  • Maria’s advice to future parents

Links and recommendations

Con M De Madre – Maria has been blogging since 2011, she records all aspects of motherhood and recommends products she loves.

@conmdemadre – Instagram is Maria’s new and quicker method of blogging where she leaves daily stories of her life in Barcelona.

Muments – Guilt-free events for mothers – manicures, massages and breakfast while a nanny cares for your baby!

Oh Mother Brunch – Casual meet up for mums, in English, every Wednesday at 11am – currently at Cocoa Barcelona.

Caga Tio – The shitting log! The newest edition to my family’s christmas traditions, we feed it and it poops sweets on Christmas Day! I found this information about the history of the Caga Tio. I would love to know the real story behind the tradition if anyone knows please contact me!

Caganer – A farmer in the nativity scene, going for a poop at the same time as Jesus’s birth. Still a mystery… again I would love to know the real story behind the tradition if anyone knows please contact me!

Kings Day – Since having children in Barcelona we have celebrated Kings Day, it’s a magical part of the festive calendar. Religiously 6th January is Epiphany or the day the Kings visited Jesus. In Barcelona everyone celebrates the arrival of the Kings in huge parades in every main area. Here you can find some of the local Barcelona parade routes and here there is more information about seeing the kings arrive earlier on the boats.  Try to see the kings or the parade with your children, it is magical!


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