32079342_10156279470807394_7779603090788843520_oI’m Lucie, I was born in London and grew up in a village near Cambridge in the UK. I met my husband when I was 18 and we spent the next 10 years staying up late and getting up late. After University we worked in nightclubs and bars running parties and having far too much fun! We travelled the world in 2009, 13 countries in 10 months, then returned to the UK with itchy feet. After a failed attempt at loving London we jumped ship in 2011 and landed in Barcelona and have never looked back.

Baby #1
George and I married here in 2014 and after so many years of no pregnancy scares I thought it would take months or years to get pregnant but 4 weeks after our honeymoon my boobs ached like I’d run a marathon! Turns out that means you are pregnant, who knew! I was made redundant while 4 months pregnant and had a horrible pregnancy with hospital visits, a misbehaving cervix and bedrest for 3 months, Oscar was finally born in spring 2015.

Baby #2
Out of work and a stay at home Mum, rather than trying to find a job that suited family life, we decided to try for another baby when Oscar started guarderia (nursery) at about 16 months. It didn’t take long! I was pregnant again in December 2016. This time the pregnancy was amazing! No naughty cervix, no bedrest, lots of energy then Sam was born in the very hot summer of 2017.

So now we are a family of four, and before you ask yes I am done having babies! Two is plenty! Next is the fun part! Building our family unit!

I’ve skipped my birth stories and the mummy fails, I’ll leave those for the podcast! Every episode I will be joined by a parent in Barcelona, we will chat about their life as a parent, what they do for a job, their passions, family fun and any recommendations they have to make our lives easier.

I’d love to hear your stories too, if you would like to be on the show or just share something with me you can email me on or direct message me on Instagram or Facebook.