Party FAQs

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When is Oh Ho Ho! It’s Mama’s Christmas Party?
Wednesday 11th December, 8pm-11.30pm

Where am I going?
Lecca Baffi, Carrer Valencia, 341, 08009 Barcelona

What are the nearest stations to the restaurant?
Metro Girona / Tetuan / Verdeguer
or Renfe Arc de Triomf

What should I wear?
Whatever you love to celebrate in! Heels or trainers, jeans or cocktail dress. Whatever makes you feel good! I have bought a new dress and will rock some heels for about an hour before I probably change to flats!

What time does the night kick off?
8pm. There will be a glass of Mulled Wine waiting for you!
I appreciate we have bedtimes, babysitters, partners and last minute outfit malfunctions to contend with, however, if we can let’s arrive as near to 8pm to make the most of the evening.

What time will the food arrive?
The included 3 Course dinner starts at 8.30pm. Main Course will be served around 9pm. If you require Gluten Free / Vegetarian / Vegan please email with your preference.

What is the deal with the drinks?
The welcome drink will be a glass of Mulled Wine then 1/2 bottle of house wine / a soft drink / a beer is included in the ticket, for the wine that is about 2 big glasses each. I recommend the wonderful Italian wine! When all the included drinks have finished more are available to buy at the bar 🙂 there are also cocktails!

What will we do at the dinner? Are there any activities?
We will eat, drink, chat and laugh! Its a super casual dinner and drinks. We do have a few awesome Christmas gifts from awesome local brands that I will give away to raffle winning mamas! Numbers will be given out to everyone then will be chosen at random and prizes given out at the restaurant.

Are we going to dance? (it is a PARTY!)
The restaurant has a cool DJ all night, gentle vibes for eating and chatting. So… we have a special after dinner area and playlist if you would like continue the party after dinner and dance!

What time will the night finish?
Who knows?! The dinner officially finishes at 11.30pm but the venue will actually only kick us out at 2am!

How should I get home?
Be safe mamas! Plan your journey home! Check your last train. Ride public transport with other mamas from the same area or get taxis (mytaxi, cabify etc).

What if I can’t make it?
Please let me know if you cannot make it as we have a waiting list of mamas who would love to come, you can sell or giveaway your ticket direct with them. If you do sell on or give away your ticket, please make sure you send an email to me with your name changes so I can update the guest list. *no refunds on tickets after this email – one week before*