How to get your baby to sleep – Amelia Hunter – Ep1

Here it is! Episode 1 of Oh Mother Where Art Thou!

The Barcelona based podcast about life as a parent, what we do for fun and where to go for help!

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Amelia Hunter


Amelia Hunter from Baby Sleep Solutions is an Australian living in Barcelona, she is married to a Catalan and they have two gorgeous daughters. Amelia is a certified sleep consultant, in the last 3 years she has helped over over 400 families internationally.

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What we talk about:

  • Amelia and how she became a sleep consultant
  • Amelia’s children and where they live
  • How to teach our babies and children to sleep
  • Your real questions about your children’s sleep problems
  • Being a mum, her work-life balance and her pregnancies and her births


Links and recommendations:

Amelia Hunter – Baby Sleep Solutions – Contact Amelia for a free consultation. You can also download free resources from her website including awake times which Amelia says are really important to be aware of from birth.

La Farga – Amelia’s daughter’s trilingual school in Sant Cugat

Sant Joan de Déu hospital for natural births – Amelia used it for both births.

Vicky Gonzalez – Amelia used Vicky for both her daughters births and thinks that Vicky is an angel, she is also the same Doula I used for both boys so we highly recommend her.

Bio Oil – Amelia’s top tip for pregnancy belly and boob massage – she didn’t get any stretch marks for either of her pregnancies!

White Noise App – Amelia recommends using a noise to calm your baby when sleeping, we use Sound Sleeper for Sam (and me!) but any that make a good noise would be fine, just make sure its all night, some of the free versions are limited to 30 minutes of noise.


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Baby Sleep Photo by Dakota Corbin