Bumps, births and being mum, a Doula’s secrets – Vicky Gonzalez – Ep3

Here we are! Episode 3 of Oh Mother Where Art Thou!

The Barcelona based podcast about life as a parent, what we do for fun and where to go for help!

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Vicky Gonzalez


Vicky Gonzalez is a Doula from Barcelona. She is married and they have 3 beautiful children. Vicky has helped over 400 women and has attended 60 births. She speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and French and is also trained as a breastfeeding consultant, hypopressive exercise instructor and she’s studying to be a psychologist.

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What we talk about:

  • Vicky, her births and my sister’s birth
  • My experiences with Vicky and my sons
  • Why she became a doula
  • Her most memorable birth and the longest and the shortest births
  • When she starts working with families
  • How people choose their doula
  • How to become a doula
  • A doula’s real role, staying neutral without judgement
    • Her role as a Doula
    • how to reduce stress pre baby,
    • how to choose your hospital in Barcelona
    • tips on how to encourage your baby to come
  • BIRTH:
    • Her role as a Doula
    • Stages of labour
    • Does she support the mum at home before labour
    • Special signs of changing labour stages
    • how to cope with contractions
    • different women’s coping techniques
    • pain relief options
    • Why she doesn’t attend home births
    • How she works with women who have C-Sections
    • Her role as a Doula and a breastfeeding consultant
    • Lactation consultants Barcelona group information
    • Recommendations for engorged breasts
    • The right latch depends on the boobs and baby
    • A consultant coming to your house to help with breastfeeding positions
    • How to stop breastfeeding
    • How to look after your lady bits after birth
    • Which sanitary pads to use after birth
    • When can we have sex again after birth
    • Exercise and recovery times
    • Mothers incontinence and the results of hypopressive exercise
    • What is normal emotionally
    • Postnatal depression and finding help


Links and recommendations:

Doula Barcelona is Vicky’s website and it has even more great tips on each stage of birth. She also offers antenatal classes, breastfeeding support, hypopressive exercise classes and her information on paperwork after birth is invaluable.

Cebenin are the cotton pads Vicky recommends for mothers after birth. They are soft and comfortable and you can cut to size.

Alba Lactancia is a network of lactation consultants who offer free breastfeeding support groups all around Barcelona. Vicky says don’t wait until it is a problem, get in touch as soon as you are worried.


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